Benefits of Outsourcing

When you sign with a medical billing service, you want a trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable billing service at a fair price.  You want to feel secure that medical claims are being processed in a professional and consistent manner by experienced billing professionals.  You want to build your practice without the distractions of insurance companies and medical billing issues.  Our firm can help you reach this goal.  Let Piedmont Claims Processing & Practice Management, LLC help you start your new practice or improve an existing one.  We function as your “back office”, freeing you to focus on your patients, market your practice or facility, and see more patients while allowing you to keep more of the money you earn and rid yourself of the burden of employing a large staff.

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For All Your Outsource Medical Billing Needs!

Why Outsource?

Piedmont Claims Processing & Practice Management, LLC will help you:

  • Recover more money due to you by insurance companies
  • Lower payment turn-around time
  • Lower billing costs
  • Lower administrative time, effort and costs

Piedmont Claims Processing & Practice Management, LLC was established to:

  • Assist medical providers with their billing needs.
  • Optimize your reimbursement and help your staff with the overwhelming paperwork in your billing department.
  • Create more time for your staff to work with patients by lessening the amount of time your staff spends chasing paper and following up with insurance carriers.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork...
  • Is your office bogged down with paperwork?

  • Are you frustrated with a high claim suspension rate due to errors?
  • Are you experiencing lengthy delay and late payments?

Piedmont Claims Processing & Practice Management, LLC can definitely help improve the efficiency of your practice. Our staff members are ready to give your office the ability to spend time with your patients and less time on paperwork. We will do all of this while working with your staff to reduce the cost of claims administration. 

Timely denial follow-up...

Tracking your denials in a timely manner keeps your reimbursement on time and ensures patients accounts are kept current! Piedmont Claims tracks your denials with a skilled account specialist until they are paid or settled.

A/R follow-up...

Piedmont Claims Processing & Practice Management, LLC provides you with a monthly accounts receivable report from your software keeping you informed of all outstanding dates of service.